Tooth Fairy

5 Ways to Celebrate National Tooth-fairy Day

Here at Anchorage Pediatrics Dentistry the Tooth Fairy is a superstar. National Tooth Fairy Day comes around twice a year, August 22 and February 28. After all she is so nice we get to celebrate twice.

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with one of these 5 exciting activities.

  1. Get the family together, break out those healthy snacks, and watch the tooth fairy.
  2. Teach your children about Oral Health with some fun coloring activities; Tooth Fairy Tooth Brushing Chart
    Tooth Fairy Teeth Checker Chart
  3. Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow, an excellent craft for kids ages 5-7!
  4. Print out our Tooth Fairy receipts to leave under your child’s pillow. They come in purple and blue.
  5. Post a picture of your child’s toothless smile on our Facebook Wall and use #NationalToothFairyDay.

Let us know how you plan to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day!

Dr Brant Darby DDS

Dr. J. Brant Darby graduated with honors from The Master’s College with a degree in Biology. He completed his dental training at the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry, followed by a pediatric dental residency at University of Nebraska Medical Center. He actively served as a dental officer in the United States Army for eight years.

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