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Possible broken jaw in Children

In the event of jaw injury, tie the mouth closed with a towel, tie or handkerchief. Go immediately to an emergency room.

Typical causes of a Broken Jaw in children

  • Bicycle Falls
  • Car Accidents
  • Sports
  • A punch to the jaw

Typical signs & symptoms of a broken jaw

  • Bruising, swelling and sourness along the jaw or around the ear
  • Feeling that the teeth do not fit together properly
  • Missing or loose teeth
  • Swelling or black and blue discoloration of the gum around the jawbone or tongue
  • Trouble opening the mouth
  • Discomfort in the jaw joint
  • Numbness around the lower lip or chin
  • Shifting of the lower jaw
Dr Christy Jen DDS

Dr. Christy Jen received her undergraduate and dental degree from the University of Washington, and completed her pediatric dental training at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She practiced in Michigan and Louisiana while her husband finished his surgery training before finally making Alaska their home.

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