Six Surprising Bad Foods For Your Child’s Teeth

Everyone knows and has been told numerous times that sugar is bad for our children’s teeth. Many foods are less obvious than candy and soda and that can result in cavities at their next dental appointment. Below are bad foods for your child’s teeth and some may surprise you!

6 bad foods for teeth

Here are six foods that can cause the most trouble for your children’s teeth

  1. Peanut Butter: It’s sticky and sweet and sticks to your children’s teeth as much as candy. If they do eat some please make sure they drink lots of water afterward and even better have them brush!
  2. Popcorn: Kernels may crack or break teeth or may get stuck in their gums and become irritated. if your child has fillings it can even be worse.
  3. Potato chips: Chips are filled with starch, which tends to get trapped in between the teeth. Taking the extra time to brush and floss may help reduce plaque build up.
  4. Dried fruit: Dried fruits have a lot of sugar. This causes them to stick to teeth and gives the cavity-causing bacteria in kids’ mouths a food supply.
  5. Citrus fruit: Frequently exposing their teeth to the acidic acid in juice causes tooth enamel to erode. This will make your child’s teeth vulnerable to decay. Rinsing the mouth with water and brushing should be done within an hour after drinking.
  6. Sports drinks: A lot of tooth decay can be blamed on beverages like sports drinks and sodas because they contain so much sugar. If consumed over a period of time, they will cause tooth damage.

Brush, floss and regular dental check-ups

It’s not necessary to give up any of these foods completely but you do have to make sure they brush and floss well. It’s also very important to see the dentist for a cleaning and check-up every six months. Regular dental checkups will help prevent big problems for their teeth. Call Anchorage Pediatric Dentistry today to make an appointment: 907-562-1003

Please download our 6 Bad Foods for Children’s Teeth Infographic

Dr Brant Darby DDS

Dr. J. Brant Darby graduated with honors from The Master’s College with a degree in Biology. He completed his dental training at the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry, followed by a pediatric dental residency at University of Nebraska Medical Center. He actively served as a dental officer in the United States Army for eight years.

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