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Types of Dental Restoration

Composite Resin Restorations (White Fillings)

We use white fillings, also known as composite resin restorations, for smaller cavities. This is a synthetic plastic material with great esthetics. If they are placed in baby teeth, you have to take great care of them because they could possibly leak underneath and require replacement or more treatment for the same tooth.

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Stainless Steel Crowns

If your child has a larger cavity, they may require a full coverage crown to fix it. One option is a stainless steel (silver) crown made of biologically compatible metal. This is a very strong temporary restoration for a baby tooth. When the new permanent tooth erupts under the crown, the stainless steel crown falls off just like a regular baby tooth.

Kindercrowns (White Crowns)

Kindercrowns are a healthy esthetic alternative to silver crowns for the back teeth, and a stronger alternative to plastic resin crowns for the front teeth. They cannot be used in every case due to their technique sensitivity, size restrictions, and they do not take forces as well as the stainless steel crowns. Our pediatric dentists will work with you on making the best recommendation for your child.

Pulpotomy (Nerve Treatment)

If the cavity goes into the nerve of the tooth or if a tooth breaks all the way to the nerve, a tooth may require a pulpotomy or “baby root canal.” We remove part of the nerve of the tooth and replace it with a medication that heals the tooth. When it is time for the new permanent tooth to replace the baby tooth that has had nerve treatment, it should fall out like any baby tooth. To cover and protect the tooth after we do a baby root canal, the tooth requires full coverage protection by a silver or white crown.


If a baby tooth is infected, infected, badly broken down with a large cavity, or cracked, it may require complete removal or extraction. Infection can happen due to a large cavity or sometimes, if the child injured the tooth.

Sedation Dentistry for Restoration Procedures

Pediatric dentists use sedation dentistry to help young patients relax during dental procedures. Often sedation dentistry is refereed to as "sleep dentistry" however the child is usually awake unless under general anesthesia. Please read our article written by Dr Darby called How does Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Work? to learn more about sedation dentistry.


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Testimonials About Anchorage Pediatric Dentistry

My son LOVES this dentist office, the staff and Dr. Darby are the BEST. I will not take my son to anyone else. They give my son the best care, and they truly love all that comes to them. Dr. Darby treats my son As if he was his son. They are all like family. My son love to go to all the receptionist and staff and give all hugs. The BEST care always! Thank you

Dr Darby is the best

Ruth W.

Dr Darby is the best

Our experience with this office has been amazing! All of the staff, Dr. Easte Warnick, and Dr. Darby are amazing with my daughter. The time, care and effort they put forth to make her comfortable and lessen the burden on us as parents is incredible. Education, billing, what to expect concerns were all addressed without being made to feel rushed. Dr. Easte Warnick went above and beyond from our first visit to the follow up after my daughter's procedure and it was an incredible blessing to know she cared. The follow up office care has been as wonderful as our initial visit. I truly can't thank them all enough with just words. The care is outstanding and the office manager was just as amazing as the doctors! My daughter refers to her work as her special jewelry and works extra hard to keep it sparkling!!

Tatum H.

Dr. Easte Warnick, and Dr. Darby are amazing
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