Baby Teething Chart

Baby Teething Chart

Baby Teething Chart

Most babies begin teething somewhere between six to twelve months. Usually, the last primary molar pops through by age three.

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Baby Teething Chart
Baby Teething Chart
Central incisor8-12 months6-7 years
Lateral incisor9-13 months7-8 years
Canine (cuspid)16-22 months10-12 years
First Molar13-19 months9-11 years
Second Molar25-33 months10-12 years
Second molar23-31 months10-12 years
First molar14-18 months9-11 years
Lateral incisor17-23 months9-12 years
First Molar10-16 months7-8 years
Central incisor6-10 months6-7 years

How do I know if my baby is teething?

To find out if your baby is teething read 4 Symptoms of a teething baby.

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